Good News: PlayStation 5 is Now back in Stock

The PlayStation 5 was officially released in November 2020, although many eager consumers have yet to receive it.

The PS5 has been out of supply since its release almost two years ago, and any new stock is quickly sold out.

As a result, some buyers have resorted to purchasing a PS5 from scalpers at substantially higher prices.

Fans who want to acquire a PS5 without dealing with scalpers can do so this week by visiting their local GameStop.

Some gamers will be able to purchase a PS5 as early as tomorrow.

After visiting their nearby shop on August 19 and 20, customers in the US can use this GameStop PS5 resupply to buy the system.

On August 19, only Pro members will be able to receive a PS5, and everyone else must wait until August 20.

Only PS5 bundles will be available as part of this resupply, according to the event page.