Banned: The largest Mod website in the world has been blocked.

ModDB, another popular mod site, has also removed the mod and banned the persons responsible.

Recently, Spider-Man Remastered was released on PC, and modders were quick to notice Insomniac's fantastic web-em-up.

the mod was posted to its website by a brand-new user account with no prior experience modding.

The unfavorable mod was swiftly removed by Nexus Mods management, and the author was blacklisted.

The invention of the sock puppet dispelled all uncertainty and made our selection incredibly simple.

In addition to uninstalling the mod, NexusMods claims to have banned both "the user's primary account and the sock puppet account.

The American flag was added in place of the pride flags that could be seen all over New York City.

It's unfortunate because the PC modding community has otherwise been producing amazing mods for Insomniac's Spider-Man game.